Whole school curriculum planning

We have just released a couple of new features in Stedfast which are designed to support whole school curriculum planning and to also manage MATs and subcontractors for colleges and training providers.

Whole School Curriculum Planning

One of the requests that we had from schools was to provide a way to see the entire curriculum for a school year and to be able to drill down and see the what was being covered in each module.

Users are now able to go to an area called Curriculum View. They can then select what they want to see. In this example, we want to see the curriculum for Year 7s.

Users can filter the curriculum grouping

This will then provide us with a full overview of the Year 7 curriculum.

This displays the full curriculum for Year 7

Finally, we added the ability for users to see the detail behind the modules by clicking on the title.

A pop up displays the Learning, Practice and Assessment requirements

Multi school and College / Provider Subcontractors
The second update that we are pleased to release is for a lead organisation to be able to work with other organisations in their group. This is really useful for MATs and for colleges and training providers who have subcontractors delivering for them.

We are now able to set up a lead organisation with a super administrator who is able to access all accounts in the group.

The super admin can access other group members sites to support delivery and quality.

Curriculum Planning Software

Curriculum planning software has become increasingly important and using Stedfast organisations can easily plan and manage their assessment and programme development activities.

Organisations also need to consider how they are able to demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation, impact, sequencing and mapping and this can all be done using Stedfast.

Online Demo

If you are interested in learning how Stedfast can support your organisation then please book a demo by visiting our contact page and using the booking scheduler.

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