Using Stedfast for FE Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Planning

Ensuring robust self-assessment is vital to any apprenticeship training organisation. It gives the organisation the ability to identify what is being done well and what needs to be improved. It also gives OfSTED the confidence that the organisation is working to their inspection standards.

However, for many organisations that development and management of the self-assessment report and quality improvement plan is less than robust and completed by sending documents from one member of staff to another.

How does Stedfast help?

Stedfast streamlines the OfSTED self-assessment process and quality improvement planning. It ensures that all aspects of the common inspection framework are addressed and ensures the process is completed collaboratively with ownership taken by different members of staff.

Essentially, using the Outcomes Assessment application, the OfSTED Further education and skills inspection
handbook is used to create a set of outcomes. Each of these is then given targets and measures that are allocated to individual members of staff that form the assessment plan team.

Staff add their findings, identify strengths and areas for improvement as well as actions that feed into the quality improvement plan. Users will also be reminded when work or actions are outstanding and reports are available to the administrator to track the progress of assessment plans.

Stedfast also creates self-assessment reports and quality improvement plans that can then be submitted to OfSTED.

We also designed Stedfast to allow users to upload evidence for their findings. This is a really important feature as it supports organisations when being inspected by OfSTED as they are able to justify their findings rather than just make bold statements without being able to justify them.

Accessing Stedfast

Organisations can sign up by visiting  You will be able to access the system free for 14 days.  Stedfast is low cost but has a huge impact for any organisation that is inspected by OfSTED.

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