Colleges and Training Providers should be aware that OfSTED have updated the “Inspection Framework

The main changes have been around how Ofsted will carry monitoring visits to newly-funded providers. Where these monitoring visits to new providers take place, progress judgements will be made against the following themes:

  • how much progress have leaders made to ensure that the provider is meeting all the requirements of successful apprenticeship provision, if the provider has apprenticeship training provision
  • what progress have leaders and managers made to ensure that apprentices benefit from high-quality training that leads to positive outcomes for apprentices, if the provider has apprenticeship training provision
  • how much progress have leaders and managers made to ensure that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place, in the case of all such providers
  • what progress have leaders and managers made to ensure that learners benefit from high-quality adult education that prepares them well for their intended job role, career aims and/or personal goals, if the provider has adult education provision.

The progress judgements made are the following, in accordance with the Handbook: insufficient, reasonable or significant progress.

OfSTED Self Assessment Reports

Colleges and providers need to understand the core components of the inspection framework as this will allow them to analyse their delivery and produce accurate self-assessment reports.

New providers need to consider the importance of a well-developed self-assessment report. This is a fundamental document required on an annual basis and which will form the platform for any OfSTED inspection. It needs to be collaborative and to address all aspects of the OfSTED Inspection Framework. Likewise, it has to be realistic. Providers should think carefully about “over-egging” their findings and grades. Additionally, providers also need to have a working quality improvement plan in place that can be demonstrated to be a working document and not just a list of actions that will never fully be addressed.

Stedfast Quality Assurance

Naturally, we need to talk about Stedfast – our OfSTED quality assurance management system. We have written previously that we have redesigned this system and are looking forward to releasing it on Monday 10th September – stay posted for updates.