Risk Assessment

The risk assessment module in Stedfast has been designed to allow education and training to review all areas of their organisation and delivery including learners, staff, programmes, finance, IT and any other area of the business.


Risk Assessments

Education and training providers need to ensure they meet their health and safety duties as set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Risk Analysis

Based on the grading awarded to each identified risk, Stedfast will produce an overall risk analysis matrix that presents a simple overview of the risk levels for each plan.

Risk Narrative

As well as creating risk assessment records and grades, users are also able to add narrative sections to each plan. They can also attach relevant policies to the assessment plan.

Risk Assessment Reviews

Stedfast has a record of risk assessment dates. Users are notified when an annual review of risk assessments is required. This ensures risk assessments are are kept up to date.

No Setup Costs

Stedfast is ready to go. Simply subscribe and get started.

Online & Collaborative

Stedfast is an online application and allows staff to easily collaborate.

Time Saving

Stedfast saves time and effort. Easily manage curriculum and quality management.

No Lock in

Use Stedfast when you want it. There is no system lock in.

ofsted assessment plans

There is a culture of safeguarding that supports effective arrangements to identify learners who may need early help or who are at risk of neglect, abuse, grooming or exploitation and help learners reduce their risk of harm by securing the support they need, or referring in a timely way to those who have the expertise to help



Who can use the risk assessment module?

The risk assessment module has been designed for all education and training providers.

Do we need just the health and safety risk assessments?

Whilst it is important to have a full record of all health and safety risks, education and training providers also need to think about other areas of their organisations that need to be risk assessed:

● Finance / funding
● IT & Cyber
● Lone work and staff requirements
● Apprenticeship employers

All education and training providers should have a Prevent Duty Guidance risk assessment.

Who should conduct risk assessments?

All staff should be involved in risk assessments and we have designed the risk assessment module to be collaborative. Teams of staff can work on specific risk assessments.

Are there any help resources?

We have a support site and a YouTube channel with videos.

Help Site

YouTube Channel


Assessment Plans

Develop programmes that set out curriculum intent and impact. Review and improve delivery.

Curriculum Planning

Set out curriculum activities and implementation. Create curriculum maps and sequencing.

Staff Performance

Set professional standards and objectives for all staff. Conduct staff reviews, appraisals and goals.


Easily allocate and manage staff CPD activities. Track staff are meeting their annual CPD targets. Approve CPD requests.


Collaborative development of policies and procedures. Track and record annual reviews and updates.

Risk Assessments

Create a central library of all risk assessments. Align with policies and procedures and complete annual reviews.



  • Programme Design
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Assessment Planning
  • Gap Analysis


  • Self Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Policies & Procedures


  • Course Research
  • Video Content
  • SCORM Content
  • LMS Development
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