Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures module in Stedfast is a simple but effective tool that ensures these documents are up to date and accessible by all members of staff.


Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures module in Stedfast provides a central repository which can be accessed by all staff. Policies and procedures can be developed collaboratively.

Procedure Management

The procedures management works in the same way as the policy management tools. Users can create multiple procedures, assign staff members as editors and can also align the procedures to policies.

Procedure Flows

Users are also able to create multiple flow charts for each procedure. This is a really helpful tool to help staff fully understand the procedure requirements.

Policy Reviews

Stedfast has a record or policy dates. Users are notified when an annual review of policies and procedures is required. This ensures polices and procedures are kept up to date.

No Setup Costs

Stedfast is ready to go. Simply subscribe and get started.

Online & Collaborative

Stedfast is an online application and allows staff to easily collaborate.

Time Saving

Stedfast saves time and effort. Easily manage curriculum and quality management.

No Lock in

Use Stedfast when you want it. There is no system lock in.

ofsted assessment plans

Leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality, inclusive education and training to all. This is realised through strong, shared values, policies and practice



Who can use the policy and procedure module?

This is designed for any education and training organisation that needs to manage and maintain a suite of policies and procedures.

How does this module work?

Policies and procedures can be developed and managed collaboratively by a team of staff. The module also has a review feature that ensures that policies and procedures are reviewed and updated at least annually.

All staff have access to all policies and procedures, but only plan staff can edit them.

Do we need this for OfSTED?

Yes – you will need to show up-to-date policies and procedures. For more information, please go to the Education Inspection Framework.

This is also something often requested by awarding bodies and compliance frameworks.

Are there any help resources?

We have a support site and a YouTube channel with videos.

Help Site

YouTube Channel


Assessment Plans

Develop programmes that set out curriculum intent and impact. Review and improve delivery.

Curriculum Planning

Set out curriculum activities and implementation. Create curriculum maps and sequencing.

Staff Performance

Set professional standards and objectives for all staff. Conduct staff reviews, appraisals and goals.


Easily allocate and manage staff CPD activities. Track staff are meeting their annual CPD targets. Approve CPD requests.


Collaborative development of policies and procedures. Track and record annual reviews and updates.

Risk Assessments

Create a central library of all risk assessments. Align with policies and procedures and complete annual reviews.



  • Programme Design
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Assessment Planning
  • Gap Analysis


  • Self Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Policies & Procedures


  • Course Research
  • Video Content
  • SCORM Content
  • LMS Development
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