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Assessment Plans

Using assessment plans, education and training providers are able to design and develop high-quality knowledge and skills programmes, define their intent, measure impact and improve quality.
Assessment Plans


Assessment Plan Types

Use different assessment plan types for strategic, organisational and curriculum planning. Assessment plans are used to easily identify curriculum intent and impact.

Programme Design

Assessment plans can be developed for each programme of study. The plan owners and collaborating staff are able to identify the objectives and outcomes that will be delivered.

Assessment Plan Measures

Assessment plan measures set out the curriculum intent – what will be delivered to learners and what they will be expected to know or be able to do and why.

Outcomes Mapping

Assessment plan outcomes can be mapped to multiple assessment plans to demonstrate cross-curriculum mapping and to conduct curriculum gap analysis.


Curriculum intent is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding gained at each stage. 


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