Stedfast has been designed to support education and training providers in their management of quality assurance. It is an online, collaborative system designed to engage all staff in the quality assurance process. It is easy to use and provides a central platform for organisations to manage their quality and compliance.

Outcomes Assessment

The main feature of Stedfast is its Outcomes Assessment module. This has been designed so that organisations can create strategic and quality assessment plans. Each plan has outcomes that need to be reviewed. These can be strategic outcomes, compliance outcomes such as an OfTSED framework or programme learning outcomes.


Each assessment plan is shared with a team of staff who are then able to add findings against each outcome and can also action plan any areas that need to be addressed through improvement or development.

Types of Outcome Assessment Reviews

The power of Stedfast’s outcomes assessment module is that it can be used for any type of review that involves targets and measures.

Educational and Training Providers are able to create a range of outcome assessment reviews including:

  • Strategic Plans   –    This could be anything from the overall business strategy to a marketing strategy or your sustainability strategic plan.
  • Organisational Plans – How do you focus on your current quality and compliance? Using Stedast, organisations can create assessment plans that cover the OFSTED inspection framework, annual awarding body accreditation or quality frameworks.
  • Programme Plan – How do you fully measure the success of your programmes? Organisations are able to create outcomes at the programme level and conduct regular reviews analysing performance and achievement.

Quality Improvement Planning

Once an outcomes assessment plan has been created and distributed to staff it becomes a working collaborative document with the aim to add findings against the outcome measures and targets and where necessary to add actions to that assessment cycle action plan. This ensures that all areas of the business that have been reviewed on Stedfast can undergo quality improvement planning. Stedfast will also let organisations download their reviews as pdf documents.