Stedfast New Features

We have added some new features to Stedfast today which we know users will appreciate.

Reverse Mapping Report

As we continue to develop our programme and curriculum planning features we have a “Reverse Mapping” reporting tool. When users create assessment plans they are able to map outcomes with other outcome sets. For instance, a user may wish to map apprenticeship standard outcomes to functional skills outcome. The reverse mapping will let a user see all of the programme outcomes mapped to the functional skills outcomes.

Resource Storage

Following a request to have a centralised document area we have added the resource management area to Stedfast. This allows users to store multiple documents in Stedfast for sharing and easy retrieval.

Policy & Procedure Section Reordering

When creating sections in policies and procedures, users are now able to drag and drop the order of the sections.

Risk Assessments

We have added new functionality to the Risk Assessment Module. Users are now able to add supporting documents and can add text sections before adding risk areas.

We have some new features planned for release in October which will include creating flow diagrams when creating procedures and more CPD reporting tools.

Stedfast is an online quality assurance system designed to support education and training providers. The core tools are the outcomes assessment and curriculum planning tools. With the introduction of the new OfSTED Education Inspection Framework, schools, colleges and independent training providers are required to demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation and impact. Stedfast is the perfect tool to do this.

If you would like a demo of Stedfast then please contact us and arrange an online demo.












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