Staff Performance Management Module

We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing the staff performance management module today, 24th Jan 2019. This is a hugely beneficial module to education and training providers inspected by OfSTED as this is one of the key inspection areas.

Staff Performance Management

In the Effectiveness of Leadership and Management one of the key judgements that OfSTED inspects on is:

how successfully leaders, managers and governors secure and sustain
improvements to teaching, learning and assessment through high quality professional development, including developing management and leadership capacity and robust performance management to tackle weaknesses and promote good practice across all types of provision

The new staff performance management module addresses this.

How does staff performance work?

Each member of staff has an annual set of objectives that set their performance requirements.

Staff performance objectives

The objectives set out the success criteria by which the objectives are measured. A training plan for each module is set as well how often the objective will be reviewed. Additionally, the objective is linked to professional standards aligned to the job role as well as planned CPD activities.

creating staff objectives

Reviewing Staff Performance

The line manager is then able to conduct reviews of their staff. Each objective is reviewed with progress recorded, reviewer comments and reviewee comments.

staff performance review page

A record is the created of all of the objectives that have been reviewed giving a full history through the reporting year. Additionally, line managers and staff can see the number of professional standards that have been aligned against the performance objectives.

staff performance review records

About Stedfast

Stedfast is a quality assurance system that has been designed for education and training providers who are subject to inspection by OfSTED. It offers a number of modules which support the quality assurance process including:

  • Outcomes assessment
  • Self Assessment Reports
  • Quality Improvement Plans
  • CPD Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Risk Management

We will be releasing the Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment module in Feb 2019

If you would like any further information about Stedfast then please contact us

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