Register Of Apprenticeship Training Providers Outcomes Planning

Many existing apprenticeship providers are currently going through a re-submission on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers portal and working with a client last week we noticed how much of it required the demonstration that providers are able to set outcomes and then be able to measure them. Naturally, we were delighted by this as this is exactly what Stedfast allows education and training providers to do with ease.

We thought it might be helpful to go through the Main Provider application form to explain a little more.

Question CC-LM-10: How have leaders and managers defined their expectations for high standards in apprenticeship training?

In this question, providers have to explain:

  • the format of your expectations through a set of principles, a vision, a mission statement or equivalent for the organisation
  • how these expectations are communicated to staff, employers and learners
  • how these expectations are reviewed and monitored
  • how high standards of quality are set in the planning and production of training programmes
  • the outcomes your organisation wants to deliver for apprenticeship training, identified through benchmarks of achievement /KPIs
  • a specific individual will be responsible for the quality and this will be clear to staff

How does Stedfast support this?

Using Stedfast providers are able to create strategic and operational plans. In strategic plans, users can set out the principles, vision, mission statement and expectations required of all staff in the overall delivery of apprenticeships. Coupled with this, users can also create programme assessment plans which allow them to plan and produce our apprenticeship programmes. In each assessment plan, they are able to set out objectives and associated outcomes. Each outcome then has a one or multiple measures which set out; what needs to be done and measured, how it will be measured, the overall benchmark/target KPI and implementation timescale. Each assessment plan can have multiple staff members which ensure that all staff are clear about the expectations. Each assessment plan then has one or more review cycles set up. This allows staff to review and monitor the measures set for each outcome. Each outcome measure is reviewed and findings are recorded. On each finding, staff are able to add actions which are then loaded into the assessment plan action plan.

As well as staff receiving notifications about impending action target dates, all action plans can be reviewed on a regular basis in staff meetings. Additionally, users can also conduct individual staff performance management in Stedfast. In this module, they are able to add professional standards for each job role which are used as benchmarks for staff. Each member of staff can be given a series of personal objectives which set out objectives, success criteria, key strategies and training plan. Each objective is aligned with their job professional standards and CPD activities. Staff are then reviewed against their objectives on a regular basis and goals are set for each objective which they need to achieve within an allocated timescale.

Question CC-LM-11: How have these expectations been communicated to your employees?

In this question, providers have to explain:

  • how all employees are aware of your expectations for high standards in training
  • how the expectations are communicated within your organisation e.g. through training, through policies, through floor walking or through other channels relevant to your organisation
  • describe how your standards are maintained and what feedback
  • mechanisms for staff you have in place

How does Stedfast support this?

All staff work on Stedfast which allows organisations to set out the strategic expectations as well as individual staff expectations, set in the staff performance management module. Assessment plans clearly communicate expectations. Objectives and outcomes are set and measured and where the benchmark or target KPIs have been missed, actions are created that feed into the assessment plan action plan. Users can also conduct an annual collaborative self-assessment report and quality improvement plan against the OfSTED inspection framework. Key requirements for each judgement area can be added as objectives and outcomes. Staff work collaboratively to identify measures and benchmark/target KPIs. Reviews for each year can then be created which demonstrate improvement over time. Staff are able to meet on a regular basis to discuss assessment plans and their associated action plans. Expectations can be communicated to all staff through ongoing CPD training. CPD activities are given relevance as they align with organisational develop areas set out in Stedfast. Expectations are communicated to all staff through the appraisal system through which staff are regularly reviewed against their performance objectives and associated professional standards. A full suite of policies and procedures can be maintained in Stedfast which are accessible to all staff. They are reviewed and updated on an annual basis.


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