Capella Systems delivers quality assurance systems, applications and consultancy to organisations working in the technical and vocational education and training sector. Our aim is to ensure that organisations have the right systems and procedures in place to provide high-quality programme delivery.


Stedfast is a web-based application that has been developed to support organisations with all aspects of their quality assurance. It is being constantly updated to meet the challenges of providing quality assured programmes and to meet compliance requirements.

The key features of Stedfast are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Self Assessment and Quality Improvement
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment *
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Performance Management

*Due for release Feb 2019

Stedfast is a web-based quality assurance management system designed for education and training providers. Its purpose is to support organisations in managing the quality assurance requirements needed for OfSTED inspections and other compliance requirements.

It is a low-cost online collaborative system which enables greater staff engagement in quality assurance and compliance. Easy to use and simple to manage, Stedfast is a key tool in organisational quality assurance processes.

Stedfast supports the management of quality assurance by providing a centralised platform that is easy to access and is collaborative.

One of the key weaknesses that institutions have with managing their quality assurance is that it tends to be done in isolation with one or two individuals completing it. Sometimes this is widened through the use of emails and attached documents.

Stedfast provides a portal for all staff to access quality assurance and the system is designed for all staff to be involved in the quality process.

Stedfast is a web-based system so it can be accessed from any laptop or tablet which has internet access. Stedfast has been redesigned to be responsive to can be used on all devices although we don’t recommend trying to complete an entire outcomes assessment on a phone!

More information about signing up can be found at



There are 3 pricing tiers to Stedfast.

All modules are available to all users. Prices are subject to VAT

You can begin by signing up to the 14 day trial period. This can be cancelled at any time.










Monthly subscription fees can be cancelled at any time – there is no lock-in period

The outcomes assessment module is designed to support self-assessment and strategic planning.

Essentially, the organisation creates a set of objective and outcomes that they want to measure their performance against. These could, for instance, be OfSTED judgements, apprenticeship standards, course learning outcomes or a set developed by the user.

Assessment plans are then created which allow measures / targets to be created and allocated to the assessment plan team. They, in turn, add their findings and where necessary can add actions into the action plan.

Here is an example of an assessment plan


We developed this as policies and procedures are always asked for in OfSTED inspections, by awarding bodies and in other compliance activities. The policy and procedure module is designed to help the creation, editing and management of this process easier for education and training providers. We have a couple of videos which show the module:

Creating a policy

Creating a procedure

Stedfast is constantly evolving to meet quality assurance requirements for anyone involved in education and training. Its principal feature is the Outcomes Assessment module which is designed to allow organisations to assess and review organisational and programme delivery.

We are currently working on a staff management module designed to address the OfSTED staff performance management requirements and we are also working on an observation of teaching, learning and assessment. These should be live at the start of 2019.

We are also really keen to hear back from users about other modules that they would like us to develop.

If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please just get in touch. We will be able to schedule a demo with you, show the system and answer any questions you may have.

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Outcomes Assessment
The power of Stedfast is the outcomes assessment module which has been designed for education and training providers to manage their strategic planning, OfSTED inspection framework compliance and quality of programme delivery.


We offer consultancy on all aspects of technical and vocational education and training. Our team of highly experienced staff work with organisations to develop:

  • Self Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Pre and Post Inspection support and planning
  • Quality systems, processes and reviews
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Staff Development and CPD
  • Risk Assessment
  • Programme Development