Prevent Guidance Risk Assessment

We were holding an online demo of Stedfast and came to the risk assessment module. We were asked what sort of risk assessments could be added. Our answer was anything that affects staff, employers or learners. Risk assessments are not just about how safe a classroom or staff kitchen is. Risk assessments are about anything that might be a risk to the delivery of programmes.

Prevent Guidance Risk Assessment

To demonstrate this we ran the attendee through our example of a Prevent Guidance risk assessment and how this tied in with the Prevent policy and procedures.

The first point to make is that all schools, colleges and training providers should have a Prevent Guidance risk assessment:

Each institution should carry out a risk assessment which assesses where and how students or staff may be at risk of being drawn into terrorism. These policies and procedures will help an institution satisfy itself and government that it is able to identify and support these individuals.

We would expect the risk assessment to look at institutional policies regarding the campus and student welfare, including equality and diversity, and the safety and welfare of students and staff. We expect the risk assessment to address the physical management of the institution’s estate, including policies and procedures for events held by staff, students or visitors, and relationships with external bodies and community groups who may use premises, or work in partnership with the institution.

Prevent duty guidance: for further education institutions in England and Wales

In the risk assessment module in Stedfast, users, as we have stated are able to add any type of risk assessment.

apprenticeship risk assessments

In a risk assessment, there are 4 main areas:

  • Supporting documents – a repository of documents that relate to the risk assessment
  • Text sections – where users are able to add narrative about the risk assessment
  • Risk sections – where the actual risks are added
  • Review log – a detailed record of when the risk assessment was reviewed

Risk Assessment Supporting Documents

In this section, users should add documents that are relevant to the risk assessment

risk assessment supporting documents

Risk Assessment Narrative Sections

Users are then able to add narrative sections to the risk assessment. Generally, this tends to provide information about the risk assessment, why it is needed, any special considerations etc

prevent risk assessment gudiance

Risk Sections

This is where we get to the heart of the risk assessment. Users are able to add their risks in whatever sections they want to create. In this Prevent risk assessment we have broken it down into a number of logical sections:

prevent guidance risk assessment

Adding and Editing Risks

Adding and editing risks is a simple process. Users need to add:

  • The risks, hazards or vulnerabilities
  • Likely consequences
  • What is currently being done
  • What you plan to do about it
  • Likelihood of it happening
  • How serious it could be
  • Who will manage it
  • Any target dates

education risk assessments

Working on Risk Assessments Collaboratively

Each assessment plan can be worked on collaboratively. The system administrator is able to add multiple risk assessment editors. They can also print off the risk assessment as a PDF report and then can also associate it with specific policies.

risk assessment policies

What is Stedfast?

Stedfast is an online quality assurance platform designed for education and training providers. Its core modules are assessment and curriculum plans. It also offers providers with modules to manage staff performance, CPD, policies and procedures and risk assessment.

If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please book a session using our contact page.






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