OfSTED Quality Assurance Management System

OfSTED Quality Assurance Management System

We have been developing Stedfast for the last 3 years to meet the quality assurance requirements of technical and vocational education and training providers. Principally though it has been developed as an OfSTED quality assurance management system.

What is the focus of Stedfast

Stedfast is on an online platform that is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of quality assurance for education and training providers. It’s current main modules are:

  • Outcomes Assessment – this is an extremely powerful tool that lets education and training provider create and manage strategic plans, self-assessment and programme reviews. It allows organisations to measure and report on the progress against framework, compliance, learning and self-created outcomes. Staff collaborate on setting measures and targets, adding findings and action planning continual improvement.
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment – this allows organisations to manage all aspects of their OTLA. They can create OTLA templates, schedule observations, complete observations, provide observer and observee comments and actions and report on trends.
  • Staff Management – this module supports the professional management of staff. Job roles can be created with professional standards/requirements and key performance indicators. It provides a full CPD request/record feature that allows staff and administrators to align CPD with their professional standards.
  • Policy and Procedure Management – this allows organisations to manage all of the policies and procedures on a single platform. Policies are centrally managed, can be created collaboratively, have update notifications and access management.
  • Risk Assessment – this is simple risk register. Organisations can plan, conduct and manage all risk assessments

Stedfast Future Developments

We know that quality assurance in education and training is constantly changing and we want Stedfast to change with it. This is why we listen to our users and working closely with them understand their needs and how we can keep developing this OfSTED quality assurance management system.

We are also in the process of completely updating the platform. We are making it responsive so that it can be used on any laptop, PC, tablet or phone. This is a major help to organisations conducting observation of teaching, learning and assessment using Stedfast.

The launch of the new platform is due for the start of September 2018.

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