OfSTED Online Self Assessment

We are moving into the time of year where a few things start to happen; the days will become shorter, there will be talk of Christmas (too early) and education and training providers will start the self-assessment and quality improvement cycle in preparation for submission to OfSTED in January. Many organisations will do this the old fashioned way with spreadsheets, Word documents and a flurry of emails. Some organisations won’t do it at all.

OfSTED Online Self Assessment with Stedfast

We like to think that Stedfast makes the self-assessment report process simpler and more robust. It needs to be done well as organisations will be judged on their ability to self-assess.

The rigour of self-assessment, including through the use of the views of learners, employers and other stakeholders, its accuracy and how well it secures sustained improvement across the provider’s work, including in any subcontracted provision

How to create an OfSTED self-assessment plan

It is fairly straight forward using Stedfast. The first thing to do is to have an outcome set that uses the sections and judgments from the Further education and skills inspection handbook as objectives and outcomes.

For anyone new to Stedfast creating assessment plans is a simple yet fundamental task.

Once the assessment plan has been created then assessment cycles will be available and measures can be created for which staff will need to add their findings. A point to note is that we think it is worth taking some time over the grade descriptions that you set and want staff to use. Be clear about what each grade is – over grading yourself during the self-assessment will be seen as an area for improvement if the OfSTED inspectors do not agree with your findings.

Self Assessment Report Findings

Once each measure has been allocated to staff then they can start to add their findings. Staff will be able to add narrative, progress scales and a grade.  Plan owners are able to moderate findings and can override the comments and grades.

Each finding can then have associated actions which will be added to that plan cycles action plan.

When to do your self-assessment?

No time like the present! Self Assessment Reports need to be right. They need to be collaborative and reviewed. We have seen too often that people leave their plans until the last minute and this results in a less than robust report or quality improvement plan.


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