Education and training providers that are subject to OfSTED inspections will know the importance that inspectors place on observation of teaching, learning and assessment. Take a look at OfSTED’s Common Inspection Framework 2015 and it is easy to see the emphasis that is placed on the “Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment”. If providers do not take a sensible and structured approach to OTLA then they will be setting themselves up for a fall.

Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Many organisations will conduct observations of teaching, learning and assessment but it will often be done in a mild panic and woe betide the organisation that cannot demonstrate that OTLA has taken place.

Having developed the Self Assessment Reporting feature in Stedfast and having studied the OfSTED Common Inspection Framework we thought it would be helpful to organisations to develop an Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Module.

The Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Module

Our first version of the OTLA module will be released on Monday 7th December 2015. We say first version, as we know this module will grow as we get feedback from users of Stedfast. The current module will allow users to :

  • Plan observations of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Use generic templates created in Stedfast or bespoke organisational templates to record observations
  • Grade and analyse observations
  • Provide feedback to and then notify those being observed
  • Track completed observations
  • Ofsted observation of teaching learning and assessment

We think that this is a powerful module within Stedfast and will support education and training providers to ensure that they can demonstrate to OfSTED that they have an outstanding control of this area of the quality assurance.

About Stedfast

Stedfast is an online collaborative system designed for education and training providers to improve the management of their quality assurance. There are a number of modules available to users including; self-assessment reporting, quality improvement planning, observation of teaching and learning, risk assessment management and policy and procedure management.

We are constantly building new modules based on compliance needs and feedback from Stedfast users.

Online demo

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