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New Product Release – Capella Speech

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest service, Capella Speech. This is our text to speech engine which has been designed to use the latest neural voice languages offered by Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

There have been huge developments in the text to speech technologies in the last few years with a distinct change from the old robotic systems that were available, to the new languages which can be generated through machine learning.

text to speech engine

Using neural TTS, it is now possible to produce natural-sounding speech in almost any language. This offers a range of benefits in a number of areas:

  • E-Learning – TTS supports teachers and e-learning developers to create learning modules for online training.
  • Marketing – business can use TTS to make short information videos in just about any language.
  • Call centre automation – TTS can be used to reduce agent workload and reduce operational costs.
  • Assistive technologies – TTS can support developers in making their websites and applications more accessible.
  • Digital content designers – TTS can reduce the need to create documents – it can replace these with audio instructions.

Capella speech has been designed for ease of use and efficiency. Users can subscribe to our low-cost packages and are able to easily convert text into speech.

Since the start of the Covid pandemic we have noticed a growth in online learnind and information transfer using video. Using advanced neural text to speech technologies means that organisations can speed up the production of their content. Being able to create instant and micro learning with clear voiceovers has been one of the clear requirements as face to face training was brought to a stop.

With hundreds of speakers and languages available, users can select the language of choice for their voice files and can easily create MP3 downloads which can then be added to videos, e-learning, or any other media that require narration.

You can sign up for a free account at give it a try today!


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