Managing Risk Assessment in FE & WBL

It has become clear to us having read some recent OfSTED reports and also working on the Prevent Guidance framework on Stedfast that there needs to be greater focus on risk assessment. As a result we will be releasing a new Stedfast module next Monday – 23rd November – which will allow organisations to manage their risk assessments.

Managing Risk Assessment in Further Education and Work Based Learning

One of the strengths of Stedfast is that it is a management tool designed to manage all aspects of quality assurance in further education and work-based learning. We are building new modules to accommodate that changes and requirements of quality assurance and compliance. The Risk Assessment module in Stedfast will allow organisations to hold a central record of all risk assessments. We have also designed the system so that risk assessments can be allocated to policies and procedures that have been created in Stedfast.

Like a lot of quality assurance activity in further education and work-based learning, risk assessments are usually left to one individual, completed in a panic, filed and never really seen again until they are needed for an inspection. Using Stedfast to manage risk assessments, organisations are able to create, develop and store risk assessments centrally and monitor their review status using built-in reports.

Risk assessments can also be downloaded in PDF format where hard copies are required.

Using Stedfast

Stedfast has been designed as a quality assurance management for FE colleges and independent learning providers. Quality assurance is often developed by individual members of staff and documents, activities and action plans can be easily forgotten. Organisations that are subject to OfSTED inspections can use Stedfast to develop their self-assessment reports and quality improvement plans, easily and online.

Seeing Stedfast

For any organisation that is interested in seeing Stedfast, please contact us and we will provide an online demonstration.

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