Getting Social Media Management Right

Capella Systems supports social media activities for technical and vocational education and training organisations and we pride ourselves in our ability to work with you on your social media campaigns.

Social media for businesses has exploded in the last few years and it has become an integral part of marketing. Social media for businesses works. You can quickly reach a large audience and for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, you can use the tools provided by Facebook and Twitter to increase your customer interaction.

Managing Social Media

The problem that businesses face is managing their social media activities. Social media won’t work if you occasionally tweet or chuck in the occasional Facebook post. There is a lot more to social media – what is your social media marketing plan, who are your brand ambassadors, who are your network influencers? What are your competitors doing, how often should you post or tweet and what sort of content are you going to put out?

What we have noticed when speaking with businesses is that they fail to have a purpose with their social media and fail to analyse the results – what do we mean? Well, if you just want to keep people informed about your last team meeting or that its a sunny day then go ahead – it makes you human and people will smile. But, if you want to have a purpose to you social media activities then you need to consider what you are messaging and when. Say you are a college and you want to increase the number of learners you have then it won’t help by tweeting pictures of your staff away day or Christmas party. You will need to work out the purpose of your social media activities. Your content needs to be about the great courses you run, what learners are doing or the great awards evening youi had. And, what do you want your social media to do? Get likes? Get followers? Or drive people to your website? After-all, a website is the shop window of your business.

We have also noticed that businesses don’t use analytics. They feel content when they have a few new likes or some followers but this is just vanity. Businesses need to set targets – this week we want to increase our followers by 100 or we want 50 new followers – and we want this because monthly we want to increase the number of people that go through to our website to see our offers etc. Also, if you don’t use analytics you won’t be able to see how successful your campaigns have been. If you run your local restaurant and 80% of the followers you have picked up are from other parts of the country then you have wasted your money. So how are you going to get it right next time? Have you identified this as a problem? How are you going to fix your targeting?

So what does Capella Systems do?

Well, simply, we can make your social media a success We don’t just promise to tweet, post and blog. We actually think about what needs to go out, when it needs to go out and what the content will look like – do you need graphics? a video? images of your business?

We also analyse the work we have done and provide you with reports. As we have said, having huge amounts of followers and likes is vanity – remember the days when people actually bought likes to make them look popular,(surely businesses don’t still do that), only to find that 90% of the followers lived in other parts of the world. We work to build the right followers and likes – people that will actually want to see your updates.

How do we work?

The first thing for us to do is understand your business and put together a social media strategy and plan. This is fundamental to all social media activity – shooting from the hip is no way to run your social media activities.

We use a host of social media management platforms that allow us to work out what is right for your business and lets us report back to you.

What we do, most importantly, is make sense of social media for your business.


Social media for your business is crucial – if you are not getting it right you can be sure that your competition is.

Please speak to us at Capella Systems about our social media management and how we can help you.

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