Consultancy (1)

We have worked with a number of technical and vocational training and education organisations in the UK and internationally. Our main consultancy work has been around programme development and quality assurance.

Programme Development (2)

We can. There has been a significant growth in apprenticeship delivery organisations in the last couple of years and whilst it is great that they want to deliver these programmes, the knowledge and experience is not always there. We work with organisations to ensure they have the right quality assurance systems and procedures in place to meet regulatory and inspection requirements.

We help organisations who are new to technical and vocational education and training. Programmes can be quite complex as they often involve working to standards or outcomes. We support the development of these courses and make sure that what is being delivered meets the requirements.

Application Development (3)

No. We prefer to leave funding data applications to organisations who specialise in this – it is complicated and would be a distraction from our focus of quality assurance application development.

This is entirely down to you. Apps are great if they have a purpose. We recommend that anyone who wants to engage with their stakeholders has an app as it is a great way to keep them updated or even get them to engage with you.

We build different types of application. Some are web-based and others might be native IOS or Android apps.

Digital Marketing (3)

We would prefer not to. However, if you are totally swamped and really need help with this then please speak to us and we can arrange support from one of our partners.

We tend to offer support in:

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • System integration
  • Measuring performance and analytics
  • Content strategy


Firstly, because we enjoy it and secondly because it is really important for organisations to get their digital marketing right to be able to engage with stakeholders.

Stedfast (5)

Stedfast supports the management of quality assurance by providing a centralised platform that is easy to access and collaborative. One of the principle weaknesses of institutions managing their quality assurance is that it tends to be done in isolation with one or two individuals completing it. Sometimes this widened through the use of emails and attached documents. Stedfast provides a portal for all staff to access quality assurance and the systems is designed for all staff to be involved in quality assurance.

Stedfast is a web based system so it can be accessed from any laptop, tablet or phone which has internet access. Stedfast has been redesigned to be responsive to can be used on all devices.

More information about signing up can be found at



The outcomes assessment module is designed to support self-assessment and strategic planning.

Essentially, the organisation creates a set of objective and outcomes that they want to measure their performance against. These could, for instance, be OfSTED judgements, apprenticeship standards, course learning outcomes or a set developed by the user.

Assessment plans are then created which allow measures / targets to be created and allocated to the assessment plan team. They in turn add their findings and where necessary can add actions into the action plan.


Stedfast is constantly evolving to meet quality assurance requirements for anyone involved in education and training. It’s principle feature is the Outcomes Assessment module which is designed to allow organisations to assess and review organisational and programme delivery.

Stedfast also has the following modules:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

More modules are in development. We are also really keen to hear back from users about other modules that they would like us to develop.

Stedfast is a web based quality assurance management system. It has been designed for any organisation that has to comply with funding and inspection bodies. This includes OfTSED.

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