free curriculum planning checklists

Free Curriculum Planning Checklists

With some of the latest announcements from OfSTED this week regarding the introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework in less than a month, we thought it might be helpful to remind organisations that fall in scope for inspection about our Curriculum Planning Checklists.

Free Curriculum Planning Checklists

We have created two free checklists, one for FE and Apprenticeship providers and one for schools. They can be found below:

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Quality of Education

Education and training providers will need to carefully consider the new judgement, Quality of Education. This requires organisations to be able to demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation and impact. The free curriculum planning checklists that we have created use the expected criteria from these three areas and provide a means to check your development and preparedness for inspections from 1st September 2019 onwards.

Curriculum Planning Software

If you are looking for innovative curriculum planning software to help design and manage your programmes to demonstrate intent, implementation and impact take a few minutes to explore Stedfast –

This is an exciting web-based system that has been designed to support education and training providers with all of their curriculum planning activities. Please contact us if you would like an online demo.

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