Engaging all stakeholders in technical and vocational education and training can be difficult. Providers need to engage with existing stakeholders, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to key pages to their website and capture conversions.

We work closely with providers to achieve a wide range of marketing goals including increasing sales and leads, driving web traffic and building brand awareness. As well as developing learning and quality assurance systems we have huge experience in helping businesses large and small, across virtually every sector, improve and increase their online presence.

Our Services Include:

  • Social Media Strategic Development
  • Digital PR
  • Blogging
  • SEO and PPC
  • Online Advertising

Social Media Strategy

No organisation can begin with digital marketing and our team work closely with organisations to ensure this first step is completed. Our seven step process includes:

  1. Establish the marketing goals of the institution – attainable goals need to be set and the right channels need to be utilised.
  2. Understand your social media audience – who is the audience? learners, employers, staff and other stakeholders
  3. Establish performance targets – too many organisations try their hand at digital marketing without understanding or setting the metrics by which they can measure their performance.
  4. Understand the competition – what are other similar organisations doing. What are they doing successfully. How does it compare to what you are doing?
  5. Understand the content – what do you want to put out in your digital marketing – tweeting “happy Monday” every Monday morning or “happy weekend” every Friday afternoon is just not going to cut it – and let’s face it, we have all seen lots of the tweets! Content has to be creative, engaging and purposeful.
  6. Understanding and working with your audience – social media is a way to engage with your audience – if you ignore them, they will ignore you.
  7. Analysis – Setting way to analyse and measure performance – too many organisations fail to analyse their performance and it just leads to a poor return for the efforts put in.