Developing Apprenticeship Curriculum Plans

Apprenticeship training providers need to create detailed curriculum plans. These are for the benefit of your staff, learners and employers are they set out what will be delivered during the apprenticeship and why.

In this article, we explore how apprenticeship providers can develop clear and robust curriculum plans. When getting started, it is necessary to:

1. Know the industry standards

2. Determine the skills and knowledge you’d like to teach your apprenticeship students

3. Identify what materials and resources are needed for teaching those skills and knowledge

4. Plan out how many hours per week of instruction will be spent on each skill or topic. Determining your needs for the programme.

How curriculum plans help the provider

Creating an apprenticeship curriculum plan enables apprenticeship providers to:

1. Identify where they need further training or support themselves

2. Calculate how many hours will be needed per week for induction and training

3. Signpost apprentices to specific parts of the curriculum in order to fill any gaps in their knowledge and skills

4. Ensure all levels of a programme have sufficient information for them to get started on their journey.

Know your role and objectives

If you already know which type of apprenticeship programme to offer, then it will be much easier for you to identify the skills and knowledge that need to be taught in your programmes. For example, if you’re a car body-repair technician training provider – your skills and knowledge relate directly to the repair or refurbishment of vehicles, so it will be easier to identify the topics that your apprenticeship students need to learn about.

Apprenticeship programmes should contain within them an element of learning which is unique to the employer or sector the learner is joining and will provide opportunities to explore the employer’s ethos, culture and values.

This means that you need to think about what skills, knowledge or behaviours your learners will learn from working with you in your organisation. What aspects of their role would be most improved by learning through this apprenticeship programme? Bear in mind that your programme should not replicate what the apprentice would have learned in basic employment training.

What is your role?

There are many roles that an apprenticeship provider can have, and you may be asked to adopt several roles over the duration of your programme. If you already know which type of apprenticeship members of staff will complete, then it will become much easier for you to identify which standards and competencies will be relevant. It is also useful for you to know how much time you need to allocate to each standard or competence during the course of a programme.

You may need to help learners learn:

– The subject matter they need to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

– The basic employment skills they need to perform well at work and be safe.

– How to use your organisation’s learning facilities effectively, such as using a virtual learning environment (VLE) or e-learning system .

– How to use their time wisely in order not only to achieve the learning outcomes for the apprenticeship standards but also to ensure they have time to complete other learning and skills development needs.

You may need to help employers learn:

– How best to identify potential employees, manage their recruitment process, take on new staff effectively and induct them into the workplace.

– Specific employment skills that learners need at their stage of career, for example, a new starter or experienced.

– How to ensure learners are managing their own learning effectively so that they can achieve the intended outcomes of the apprenticeship programme in a timely manner.

Tools to create an apprenticeship curriculum plan

We created Stedfast to help education and training providers easily create and manage curriculum plans. Stedfast also enables organisations to set out their curriculum intent, implementation and measure the curriculum impact which is set out in OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework.

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