Curriculum Planning Module: Released

We are delighted to announce that we released our curriculum planning module today. This is a major new feature to Stedfast and provider quality assurance. It has been developed to meet the new challenges that will be presented when the OfSTED Inspection Framework 2019 goes live in September. In the new inspection framework, apprenticeship providers will need to demonstrate their curriculum planning, with OfSTED expecting evidence of intent, implementation and impact. This release is the first version of our curriculum planning module with further enhancements planned for April 2019.

Curriculum Planning Module

The curriculum planning module has been designed to support education and training providers which all aspects of curriculum planning. It is a simple but powerful module that will show curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Creating a Curriculum Plan

The first step is to create a curriculum plan based on a set of outcomes. Typically, these will be apprenticeship standards, diplomas, BTECs or other stand-alone programmes. We have developed the curriculum plan to link the outcomes assessment plans created in Stedfast. This means that providers will be able to identify what they will deliver and how they will measure success and how they intend to deliver the programme through the curriculum plan.

Example Curriculum Plan

When setting up the curriculum plan providers will also be able to add an intent statement and set the status of the plan. We have also included the ability for those apprenticeship providers to plan their 20% off the job training through the curriculum plan.

There are both charts and reports which support providers with their 20% off the job training planning.

Adding the Curriculum Plan Details

The next stage in the curriculum planning process is to add curriculum activities. We have developed the system to give flexibility to providers to break this down to what works best for their delivery methods. In this example, we have used workshops and other activities but this could be modules / subjects / topics etc


Creating an activity is a simple process that involves first identifying the schedule (From – To Months or Weeks) and then if the activity involves Learning, Practice and Assessment.

Users can then align the activity to the outcome, add details, attach documents such as lesson plans, powerpoints, handouts etc. Providers can also record how much time is to be allocated for learning, practice and assessment which supports the 20% off the job training plan.


Curriculum Plan Reports

There are a number of curriculum plan reports available for users, Additionally, they can be used as evidence for OfSTED inspections.

What’s Next?

In our next scheduled update, we will be releasing new curriculum scheduling tools and curriculum mapping reports which will help providers to ensure that all outcomes have been covered by activities.

Stedfast Demo

If you would like an online demo of Stedfast then please contact us and we will schedule this with you.

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