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The importance of curriculum sequencing

OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework requires that education and training providers sequence their curriculums. Sequencing refers to the way you organise your curriculum activities. The sequence is how the skills and knowledge are presented throughout the programme. OfSTED stresses the importance of sequencing to help learners demonstrate their ability to know and apply their learned skills. …

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Apprenticeship Assessment Planning

Apprenticeship assessment focuses on what and how an apprenticeship programme is contributing to the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours of learners. The purpose of an apprenticeship programme assessment plan is to facilitate continuous programme level improvement. Programme assessment plans provide organisations with a clear understanding of how the apprenticeship programme is assessed. This means …

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Understanding Curriculum Intent

Curriculum intent is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding gained at each stage. While curriculum design is a dynamic process, decisions about the aims of the curriculum must be made at an early stage. This allows planning to take place and helps teachers and …

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Importance of Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping – How important is it? Since the introduction of OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework, the subject of curriculum planning has obviously been a hot topic. However, as part of this, there has also been deeper debate about curriculum mapping. A recently published article “Are curriculum maps a waste of valuable time” prompted some interesting …

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Organisation Curriculum View

We have been working on an update to the organisational curriculum view so that all subjects or apprenticeship programmes can be seen in a single report. Users are now able to filter the view by year or level and then see the curriculum activities based on the length of the programme. Organisation Curriculum View In …

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GCSE Curriculum Planning

GCSE Curriculum Planning

We were asked to do an online demo with a school last week as they were interested in developing their curriculum using Stedfast and we realised that we hadn’t really blogged much about developing a curriculum plan for GCSE subjects. What better time to do this as Storm Francis brings heavy rains, wind and is …

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