Curriculum Planning

Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Criteria

Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Criteria

The introduction of apprenticeship standards coupled with OfSTED’s new Education Inspection Framework has led apprenticeship providers to consider how they develop delivery programmes and associated curriculum plans. Providers need to consider how they build coherent plans that lead to a positive apprenticeship experience. They have to consider the level of delivery and what they are …

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Planning Apprenticeship On Programme Assessment

Planning Apprenticeship On Programme Assessment

Over the last few years, there have been significant changes in the way apprenticeship providers confirm that learners have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete their programmes. When NVQs were the core delivery model, apprentices usually had to build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competencies. When diplomas were introduced they had to demonstrate …

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free curriculum planning checklists

Free Curriculum Planning Checklists

With some of the latest announcements from OfSTED this week regarding the introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework in less than a month, we thought it might be helpful to remind organisations that fall in scope for inspection about our Curriculum Planning Checklists. Free Curriculum Planning Checklists We have created two free checklists, one …

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Apprenticeship Delivery Effectiveness

Apprenticeship Delivery Effectiveness

OfSTED published an interesting document on 21/06/2019 – Educational effectiveness research and further education and skills. The document discusses the importance of learning and the curriculum in technical and vocational education and training (TVET). It raises a number of interesting ideas about the purpose, type and quality of knowledge and skills delivery and whether or …

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curriculum sequence

Sequencing an Apprenticeship Curriculum

The new OfSTED Education Inspection Framework (EIF) will require a significant shift in delivery models for many colleges and independent training providers delivering apprenticeships. We have written in previous articles that inspectors are going to focus on education and training provider’s curriculum intent, implementation and impact.  For providers who are now actively preparing their curriculum …

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Curriculum Intent Implementation Impact

Apprenticeship Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Following the publication of the new OfSTED Education Inspection Framework 2019, education and training providers will be aware of the new Quality of Education judgement. This judgement has been introduced to focus on the curriculum, which sets out what apprentices need to know and be able to do.  OfSTED’s definition of a curriculum is The …

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Curriculum Intent Statement

Curriculum Intent Statements

There seems to be a worrying trend that education and training providers appear to be missing the point of OfSTED’s Education Inspection Framework and specifically, curriculum intent. We have been through the guidance again and again and we really are not seeing curriculum intent as just being a statement posted on a website. If this …

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