At Capella Systems we are always looking for new ways to use technology to develop technical and vocational education and training programmes to be innovative and of high quality. Technology offers us so many new ways to engage with learners, employers and other stakeholders.

We have developed a number of systems and applications which support the delivery of training and education.

Web-Based Applications

There are numerous ways to use web-based applications to manage learning and delivery. We have successfully developed the Stedfast application which is used to manage the provider quality assurance. We are also experienced in developing Learning Management Systems.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications which can be used on smartphones and tablets have become more useful in the delivery of technical and vocational education and training. There are really two types of application that can be developed:

  • Learner / Stakeholder – these are applications that are developed principally for the benefit of learners and stakeholders. These can be applications that provide information about a school, college or training provider or can be more detailed to provide, for instance, access to a learning portal or personal information.
  • Staff / Institution – these applications are more focused on the staff and institution and provide applications such as learner or course management or the ability to do things like an observation of teaching and learning more easily.

Advice and Guidance

As part of our support to schools, colleges and training providers, we also provide advice and guidance about existing technology that already exists. There may already be existing systems and applications that meet the needs of the institution and we can support the implementation of these.